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In Kenya, islanders on heritage site count cost of $25 billion mega-project

Lamu Island on Kenya’s northeast coast was established some 700 years ago as part of a thriving Indian Ocean trade network that eventually stretched to Oman, India, Portugal, and China.

The mixing of those cultures produced the Swahili people and language, as well as an Islamic renaissance of architecture, poetry, and cuisine.

Lamu is regarded as the best preserved Swahili settlement in existence. The history, the remote white beaches, the carved wooden doorways, and the winding alleys, all make it a top Kenya tourist destination.

But change is coming – more drastic than any in Lamu’s history – that could irreversibly transform this ancient place. Read more…

Photo: Ben Curtis/AP


Why to visit Lamu ASAP. It’s as cheap as it will ever be.

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My buddy Ian Cox made this storify using some tweets of mine about why you should  visit Lamu. His words:

My friend Jason visited Lamu Island on the nothern Kenyan coast for work and tweeted these photos. I won’t bother to explain the charms of Lamu as it’s all over Google. Right now the tourism industry is suffering and a huge number of the residents have been laid off from work. Why is it so? Read more…

In pictures: Kenyan fishermen’s precarious life on the open sea

The crew Muftal Khaer.  From left, Ben, Bubu, "Mzee," Asst. Capt. William Kombo, Capt. Abdillahi Qassim, "Masta."
The crew of the Muftal Khaer. From left: Ben, Bubu, “Mzee,” Asst. Capt. William Kombo, Capt. Abdillahi Qassim, “Masta.” Photo by Jason Patinkin

Three times a week, a group of Kenyan fishermen sails to sea from an old Mombasa port to the deep waters off Tanzania’s Pemba Island in search of swordfish, marlin, tuna, and shark.  Journalist Jason Patinkin recently joined the crew for a two-day trip.  Read more…