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Lamu after dark


It was near nine o’clock in Shela, the sleepy village on the northeast beach of Lamu Island, when we ran out of soda for our brandies. Continue reading Lamu after dark


Darkness on the Delta

Blood stains the floor of a classroom in Kilelengwani village in the Tana river Delta on September 12, 2012.(CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images)

New piece for GlobalPost‘s Ground Truth blog:

NAIROBI, Kenya – Three days after the massacre, I finally convinced someone to take me to the scene. I only knew his first name—Robert. He was in his twenties, lived a few miles from the site of the attack, and eked out a living by driving a rented motorcycle for hire. We wound our way through the dense coastal jungle for about 20 minutes until we reached a clearing. In the distance, buzzards circled dozens of fire-blackened huts. As we approached, a hot breeze carried the smell of burnt flesh.  Read on…